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Providing Restorative Dentistry Solutions

Missing and worn teeth or problems with prosthetics or dentures fitting properly in your mouth can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and discomfort. When multiple teeth are missing, you may be compromising the structure of your mouth. Over time, your teeth and jaw will move out of position in an effort to fill the empty space.

At Family First Dental, we know the positive impact restorative dentistry can have on our patients. Our staff is trained on all technical developments and innovations in the area of dental implants to give you confidence in choosing to undergo a dental implant with us. On this page, we have provided clear information to ensure you understand the overall benefits of having a dental implant.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial roots and teeth that are surgically placed into your lower or upper jaw. The implant is usually made of titanium, and natural-looking teeth are attached to the implant. Implants are used to replace missing teeth or molars. They can be used to secure dental prostheses or dentures, and provide excellent support for a permanent root solution.

Not only do dental implants restore and enhance your smile, they are robust, durable, and stronger than natural teeth. Implants will last many years and will never require a root canal or filling. If you are missing all or most of your teeth, multiple implants can be placed. When just one or two of your teeth are absent, we can create an implant that fits into space between your existing teeth. Dental implants help you regain your self-confidence and feel more comfortable with your smile.

The Process of Getting a Dental Implant

The process of a dental implant involves multiple visits over several months. X-rays and impressions (molds) are taken of your jaw and teeth to determine the space available for an implant. If sufficient room is available, we will schedule in your next appointment to surgically place the implant into your jaw bone. We will wait for the implant to integrate and heal for up to six months before scheduling your next appointment.

Sometimes a second surgery is needed if the implant needs a post put in separately from the tooth to hold the artificial tooth in place. Some implants already have a post incorporated into them and a second surgery will not be required. After your mouth has healed over several weeks, the artificial teeth are made and fitted to the post of your implant. The entire process may take one to two months to complete.

Once you are completely healed, the artificial teeth are securely attached to the implant, providing you worry-free stability and comfort.

Dental implants support your facial muscles, and you will see improvement in your chewing and speaking abilities. They will also significantly enhance your smile and give you a younger-looking appearance. Regular checkups and consistent aftercare are necessary to maintain the optimal condition of your implants. On occasion, implants may need to be tightened or replaced due to normal wear and regular use. If you need dental treatment for a painful, damaged, or missing tooth, give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office by calling 630-836-8995 at your earliest convenience!